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The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the earth's surface at 1,292 feet BELOW sea level. Rivers flow into it,but nothing flows out. It is surrounded by steep, rocky cliffs 2,500-4,000 ft high. Its deepest point is 1,3000 feet, and possibly covers the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Its close neighbors include Jericho, Masada and En Gedi. From caves along its western shore came the Ded Sea Scrolls, and its coastline is dotted with tourist hotels, spas, and parched beaches. The salt and mineral content is so thick, a person can float without touching bottom in water only a foot deep. It has 12 minerals found in no other lake or sea in the world. And no lake matches its 35% salinity!!

The Sea of Galilee is the lowest fresh water lake in the world at 575 feet below sea level. It is fed by underground streams and the Jordan River flows into it at the north and flows out at the south. It is vulnerable to sudden and violent storms but its serenity is unmatched, and is rich in aquatic life. It has served untold thousands-villagers, fishermen, traders, merchants, and settlers. Jesus recruited four of his apostles here; he walked on the water, calmed the sea, fed the 5000, taught the Sermon on the Mount from a hill that overlooked the sea, and other miracles. And Galilee is vital as the main sourse for modern Israel's fresh water supply-the whole country benifits.

*The Dead Sea is like a selfish man hoarding, taking all, giving back nothing. Its reward? Briny, poisonous death. No life can survive inits waters or shores-it takes and gives nothing.

*The Sea of Galilee is like a giving man, returning generousl form what is given, sharing everything for the benefit of others. Its reward? Fresh, cooling waters teeming with life, its shores giving rest to the weary traveler and tired birds.

Be it a body of water or the body of man, he who hoards is dead, but he who gives with pure intent has life everlasting.

borrowed from: Paul B Skousens' Mormon Reader

Reposting from 4/27/08

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Cathy Ehlert said...

Thanks for the great analogy...definately food for thought. If the Dead Sea is like the Great Salt Lake, then it stinks too!