Stephenson Family Ties The Barn Burnt Down
And Now I See The Moon

Reposting.....from 2009

Families, groggy from dreams, fought among themselves
for the bathroom. Lost socks were hunted, ears were
scrubbed, hair was combed, milk was spilt and the air
was rent with squeals and remonstrances and the
resumption of those domestic hostilities which, in
general, keep personal identity alive.
from: Good Morning Miss Dove
by: Frances Gray Patton

Our Bri-dog may be a perfect study in family dynamics and the idea that birth order does indeed influence a child as he grows to manhood. Brian is also the perfect example of why I enjoy (ed) raising boys!! And...changing the subject for a moment, why I enjoyed our one perfect daughter as well. "They" say that 'lastborn' kids are friendly and creative. "They" are right!! Some even say that lastborns are more observant and have more diverse interests. "They" are right again!!! Interesting

Just about 18 yrs ago, on a morning that was not quite springlike but being on the backside of winter, Brian decided to make a speedy entrance into the world. I almost didnt make it into the glamorous hospital gown or even have time to chew on a few ice chips, before we found ourselves snuggling with a beautiful, new, fifth born man child. He was bright and alert and became the most easy going baby who ever graced our arms and hearts.

Nary a moment of grief or sorrow has this boy caused us. (mostly) (comparatively)
Even now its difficult to recall a fit of righteous anger to have ruffled his too long, and fuzzy locks of hair. (boy do we wish he'd chop that mop of his)
It appears that he is unflappable-unless of course he has a broken clavicle.

He's always been a joy -if I allow myself to get past the fact that his eyelids wont close until well after midnight each night. (a trait that only appeared after puberty hit)

He reminds us of his eldest brother. His mannerisms, his temperament, his likes and his dislikes resemble one another. Even their voices easily confuse us now that Brians voice has gone down an octave.

my, my, what 9 short years will do for a boy!!

Brian is athletic and coordinated beyond measure. How does a LONG, lanky body such as his stay atop a small piece of wood mounted on 4 slick wheels, to glide along with such ease and grace?? There does seem to be an exception to this break with the theory of relativity, when it comes to Bri and a snow board though. He knows the meaning of pain when it comes to shoulder hitting snow and ice at a downhill pace. OUCH!!! We are all bracing ourselves for this new snow season.....(So far so good!!!)

Brian has worked hard---for us here at home, for his employers at the Marriott, and for himself with school and scouts and in his personal 'therapy' for the muscles which surround his collar bone.

He has goals!!
He has many a talent!!
He has heart and soul!!
Hes more demonstrative than any of my other boys....I enjoy spontaneous hugs!! And, he talks to me!! Which I find to be a rare thing with the other boys as they grew.
He has a quiet, quick humor, just as his father does.
Hes a great listener and enjoys a compassionate heart.
He's a faithful priest at church.

He's more easy go'in than any teenager I know. He hasnt found it necessary to turn us into the D.C.S. for 'recreational neglect.' He has mentioned on a few occasions though, that hes been sorely deprived in not yet experiencing a ride on a simple Ferris wheel or been given a ride on a wild roller coaster!! (how this has happened is truly a mystery to me!!) We've gotten off scott free with this blatant neglect.

Hes an excellent hiking companion. He enjoys the great out of doors almost as much as I. We both find Havasupi a magical place to which we sojourn together most every summer.

navajo falls-i think they are our favorite!note the small speck of a boy climbing through the falls..that would be Bri-dog!!

I love that his ipod is now full of music that I was listening to at his age. I think they're calling it 'classic rock' now. humph!!!

Oh my heck the kid can draw!!! Hes truly an artist. When will he realize this and embrace his gift?!? I envy such talent.

What I Know:
You cant overdo telling your kids how special and unique and wonderful they are!!! You my Bri-man are all this and much, much more!!!!
PS Bri- Bill Gates was a lastborn too!!!


Jules said...

We've definitely loved the little piece of Brian that we've gotten to enjoy over the past several years! He's welcome anytime!

So when is his birthday officially? Is it today?

Happy Birthday Brian!

Cindy said...

Sorry for the confusion, But its not Brians birthday, I just wanted to try the alphabet thing again. Brain was the perfect "b" word!!

ChristyLou said...

Wow, what a fabulous tribute! Sounds like such a cool kid. Sign me up for easy-going teenagers!!

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