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Reposting....from 2007

is for clocks!

I Love clocks! How random is that? Some people love roses, or thimbles or spoons. I love clocks. If common sense didn't rule so well, I'd probably have a clock in every room of our house. When Im out shopping, I notice the clocks. "oooh, should I take that one home and put it.....?" So I refrain.
I do have some special clocks. 2 of them are handmade by my father. He went through a phase, where he made clocks. The first one he made and gave to us as a wedding present. It's a beautiful clock, and it has a plaque inside with a personal inscription. It has traveled with us all over the country in our various moves.

Not too long ago, he offered to make us another clock. This time it was a larger, grandfather clock. It now stands proudly in our living room. It has a lovely assortment of chimes to choose from. My favorite being the Westminster chime. My only wish would be that it was LOUDER.

I'll admit that the biggest drawback to these clocks is that I often forget to wind them. Especially the one in the seldom used living room. When dad comes to visit though, he will jump right in and wind them for me if they are getting low on the chain. I'm grateful for his heed of them.
We are also 'babysitting' another clock,which was also made by my dad. This is a small table top clock that was given to Rob and Chelsea as a wedding present. I suppose they don't want to move this clock to the cold and damp mountains. So I am perfectly happy to have it here and hear its merry chimes.

Another fun clock hangs on the wall of the family room. This clock is very quiet. Its tail swings back and forth, thanks to a AA battery. Its a reminder of my delight with the desert, and it makes me smile.

Another clock in my life.

There was a cool old grandfather clock that stood in the hall way of my grandmother Ida's home in Salt Lake. My grandpa Vern wound it, and I could hear it dong in the bedroom upstairs where I stayed when we visited. There was comfort in the sound of that dong. It was part of the house and part of the experience of being at Grandmas.
Many years later-my mother inherited this clock. It then stood in our home in CA. I remember noticing that the dong sounded completely different in our home than it did in my grandparents home. Looking back on it now- its obvious this was because in one home it was on carpet in a small hallway. In the other home it was on hardwood floors and in a great big open space.
There is more to the story of this clock though. You may recall hearing about the big earthquake in the summer of 1989. I was no longer living at home. But it hit the news and we immediately called home to be sure that my folks were ok, and inquire if much damage had been done to the ole' homestead. We heard about the clock first. (after confirming that no bodily injury had occurred) Mom reported- "The floor undulated and rolled in waves like the wake from a power boat. There were erie sounds. Our biggest fear was that all the plate glass windows around the front of the house would shatter." Moms' precious mementos had fallen off shelves throughout the house. "Then, WHAM, the clock tipped over, face first, and slammed to the floor." Then it was over. Turns out the clock took it the worst. But it was repairable. New glass and some parts. And it was soon working like new.My folks were lucky. Many others suffered more severe damages. The neighbors pool lost most of its' water; it sloshed right out!! One of a kind keepsakes of my mothers were broken beyond repair, but there was no structural damage done to the home! Whew!!! That ole' clock is still ticking to this day. It has now traveled back to Utah, this time to St George, to the new home of my folks.

One more clock that I think I should mention is the clock that Bobs' dad made,with a little help from some of the kids.(He must have gone through a phase too.) It too has stories and memories surrounding it. This grandfather clock stands in the hallway of their St George home also. It softly chimes away the hours and reminds them all of times past.

The very last 'clock' I'll mention is an ancient clock. My shadow is much loooonger on the sandstone these days. I'm already longing for the season when it becomes just a spot under my feet again.

I wonder if common sense will always prevail, or will I fill my home with clocks of all kinds. I wouldn't mind.


Chelsea said...

You've done it again Cindy! I love your stories and pictures of all these beautiful clocks and family members! I have to tell you that a lady I visit teach here in B.Head collects clocks, and they literally COVER her walls, all swaying and chiming when the time comes! It was facinating to see all of them. Someday I'd like a big tall Grandfather clock...there's just something about them that make a home a home!

Cindy said...

Chelesa, I think you had better get on this ladies good side, and maybe some day....
You know that it could be me someday too. hehehe
all I need now is a pic with Joe and Nat in front of a clock.

Judy said...

What is it about men and clocks?! You know of my father's adoration of clocks (remember the one in the family room we silenced so the ladies could sleep when you were here for Women's Conference?) The one on the mantel in the living room has marked my life from the day I was brought home. When my father goes that will be the one thing I will be so sorry not to have - my sister asked for it first!
Dave went through a clock phase as well - we still get clock catalogs from the days of the phase. We just don't have a place for the grandfather clock he longs to build.
You have proven once again Cindy that we must have been spiritual sisters - our hearts are so much in the same place! (Just haven't learned to love the desert when it's 110 degrees, but oh how I love it in the spring and fall!!!)

Anonymous said...

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